1 Mission to A Million

1-MillionIn a recent interview, AIOU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi, said AIOU is establishing an open-schooling system to educate ONE MILLION children. This program is designed to educate children, especially girls, that have decided to end their dreams of an education due to various issues, financial, environmental, or personal. This open-schooling system has already been given the green light in Chakwal, Vehari and Thatta and is ready to be implemented in other parts of the country.

Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi also said that courses have been designed with “socio-economic needs” in mind. Courses range from gardening, policing, dressmaking to first-aid training. He also said that AIOU is determined to providing an education to everyone across the country. As you are reading this post, new campuses and study centres are being constructed.

The full article can be found here, from The News.