Organization Profile: OPEN Silicon Valley

open silicon valleyOpen Silicon Valley is a network of entrepreneurs  and professionals who help each other achieve their professional goals. It hosts events that sharpen an individual’s professional image through mentorship breakfasts and by hosting professional development workshops. The workshops and events are put in place by its own members. Meetings for OSV are held in the plug and play tech center at 6:30 pm every second Wednesday of the month.

This organization’s specialty is it’s network building capabilities; especially for young entrepreneurs. It’s mentorship breakfast allows young entrepreneurs to meet with leading industry professionals in a relaxed setting and get immediate feedback on their work. In addition to mentorship services, Open Silicon Valley also hosts an event called Open Launchpad – where entrepreneurs get to pitch their ideas to investors who are seeking investment opportunities. Open Silicon Valley has also hosted the Women’s Leadership Forum for the past 5 years. It’s a conference designed to empower women in the workplace created by women for women.

For more information on this organization click here.

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