SJSU President Qayoumi and Provost Junn meet with PDEEP Evaluator Wiles

By Schehrbano Khan, PDEEP Student Assistant.
The PDEEP grant received it’s one year Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) assessment by external evaluator Bill Wiles on Wednesday, August 15. Prior to his all day visit, Mr. Wiles reviewed a comprehensive binder of materials, including the original request for proposal (RFP), the SJSU Proposal, the budget, on-site Islamabad reports produced by SJSU Computer Science Chair Dr. Jon Pearce, Contract Manager Hillary Evans, and Project Director Mark Adams. 
Special attention was given to the AIOU curriculum reviews, including mathematics by SJSU’s Dr. Mohammad Saleem, and a summary of the workshops, lectures, and deliverables completed or under development at the PDEEP one year anniversary. During his visit, Mr. Wiles held intensive interviews with the SJSU Research Foundation Sponsored Office Program Analyst, Jasmine Le, Principal Investigators (PIs) Dean Mark Novak, Dr. Ruth Huard, and Peter Young, and SJSU President Qayoumi and Provost Junn. 

Mr. Wiles report will be completed in the next few weeks, and his report will then be submitted to the U.S. State Department for review.

SJSU President Mohammad Qayoumi and Provost Ellen Junn meet with Monitoring & Evaluation auditor Bill Wiles and PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams to discuss the PDEEP grant and it’s potential impact on the South Asian region.

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