Opening Reception for Visiting AIOU Faculty 8/28/2013

Opening Reception for Visiting AIOU Faculty 8/28/2013

By: Hillary Evans, PDEEP Contract Manager 

Wednesday, August 28th 2013 – San Jose State University hosted a welcoming reception for visiting faculty from partner university Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad, Pakistan. SJSU President Qayoumi and Provost Junn attended and shared warm welcoming words. Each of the Pakistani professors gave presentations on their departments and goals within AIOU and goals for the SJSU-AIOU partnership.

Left to right – Hillary Evans, PDEEP Contract Manager, Professor Mohammad Daud Khattak (AIOU), Professor Peter Young Director of Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies, Professor Naveeda Sultana, Center for Instructional Design at AIOU, President Qayoumi, SJSU President, Moiz Uddin Ahmed, Acting AIOU Computer Science Chair, Ellen Junn, SJSU Provost, and Mark Adams, PDEEP Project Director.


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