Pakistan’s Emerging Information Technology Surge

Today in IslamabaCyber_Wing_Minstry_of_IB_and_NH_438d, Pakistan  a large meeting among Pakistani leadership resulted in the appointing of a new bill to create 500 Universal Tele-centers throughout all of Pakistan. This bill, attributed to the sagacious thinking of the PML(N) political party, also details the large effort being put forth by the Pakistani Minister of Information Technology, Anosha Rehman  to keep Pakistan on the forefront of technology helping it to better compete in the global Information Technology  market. It is hoped that the implementation of 3g and 4g networks for phones as well as the afore mentioned UTC’s will aid Pakistani students hoping to join the emerging field of Information technology and provide them with essential infrastructure to innovate and create commerce.

For more information on this topic please refer to the original article on Online News here and for a more detailed breakdown of the program please refer to The Nation News Network website here.

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