Dr. Jon Pearce, Professor of Computer Science at SJSU, Delivers Lecture from AIOU.

Dr. Jon Pearce , Professor of Computer Science at SJSU, Delivers Lecture from AIOU.

On June 2nd, 2014 Dr. Jon Pearce, Professor of Computer Science at San Jose State University, gives a lecture from Allama Iqbal Open University’s main campus in Islamabad, Pakistan broadcasting to regional centers in Umerkot and D.G. Khan. Having been an active member of the PDEEP grant team from nearly its inception Dr. Pearce continues to move to forward the PDEEP initiative by enhancing AIOU’s Computer Science departments learning outcomes. During his numerous visits to AIOU, Dr. Pearce has provided both methods of instruction and useful learning tools to ensure the future success and growth of AIOU’s Computer Science Programs. Among these methods and tools, the Auto-Assessment software being installed by Dr. Pearce and the AIOU Computer Science team in Islamabad was developed by SJSU Professor Cay Horstmann, who briefed visiting CS professors from AIOU on how it works last fall, and generously gave his permission to use his software freely to give students in the remote regional centers of Pakistan plenty of coding opportunities and feedback. SJSU Professor Kathleen Obrien worked with PDEEP to provide dozens of programming problem examples and solutions, along with gamification examples used to teach algorithms. Then to customize the solution for AIOU’s system, SJSU CS student Daniel Mai wrote custom code as specified by Dr. Pearce to make the program adequate for AIOU’s needs. When asked about the impact of Dr. Pearce’s teaching and influences on AIOU professors and students, Regional Director of Umerkot at AIOU, Ali Anwar states,

“Dear Jon , You are warmly welcome here. We were excited to hear from and have wonderful interaction with our students of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science who are successfully learning a variety of subjects through the video conferencing at their respective locations in Umerkot and D.G Khan.”

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