AIOU Ph.D in Education E-Learning Workshop Lectures with SJSU & PDEEP 8/25 – 8/29



During the week of August 25th through August 29th 2014 Allama Iqbal Open University in collaboration with the Pakistan Distance Education Enhancement Project will be conducting lectures via Skype during a week long Ph.D in Education workshop titled “ E-Learning” held for AIOU’s participating Ph.D students and professors. As the PDEEP Project moves forward into its third year this will be an exciting and informative opportunity to share pertinent information about the various PDEEP initiatives that have taken place at AIOU in regards to the enhancement of distance education and online learning . We at the PDEEP project invite all who are interested in learning more about AIOU’s Ph.D In Education and the PDEEP Project to have a look below at the intended lectures held by our selected PDEEP contributors centered around the theme of online education throughout the week.

Now that the event has ended, please enjoy a selection of Images provided by our partners at AIOU who took part in the workshops.

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1) Monday, August 25th @ AIOU 9am via Skype

Mark ADams

Mark Adams, PDEEP Project Director

Mark Adams is the Project Director of the PDEEP Grant. Mark is a former Director of Online Education and Chair of Multimedia Studies, serving currently as Lead Instructional Developer at the eCampus/Academic Technologies at SJSU. As founder of, Mark created the master online training program for the Michigan Virtual University; designed and delivered online and in-person training for the United Arab Emirates’ Higher Colleges of Technology; and has experience working with instructors and administrators from more than 125 universities worldwide in building online courses and programs. Building an eCampus–A Systems Approach to Achieving Quality with Scale In this talk, Pakistan Distance Education Enhancement Program (PDEEP) Project Director Mark Adams will discuss the importance of taking a “systems approach” to building a successful eCampus, and the steps required. His experience suggests that there are two keys to success: 1) keep the focus on creating an excellent User Experience for students and instructors, and 2) take advantage of smart assessment tools and feedback to quickly make adjustments that maintain Quality as you increase Scale. Using the example of the ongoing 3 year joint project between San Jose State University and AIOU, he will outline how together they are building distance education capacity that includes administrative support and helpful policies to encourage change and adoption of new teaching and learning methods. He’ll also discuss other required components, such as a comprehensive faculty training program, robust and friendly tech support, peer mentoring, and online tutoring for students and faculty.  Tips and lessons learned will be shared about the smart adaptations required for outages of power, slow Internet connections, few computers, servers, system administrators, and more.

2) Tuesday, August 26th 2014 @ AIOU via Skype

Minna Holopainen

Minna Holopainen, SJSU Communications Professor As a native of Finland Professor Minna Holopainen, current professor at San Jose State in the communications department is a well-rounded and educated individual with a passion for International collaboration. Professor Holopainen has studied in both Finland at the University of Helsinki in 2005 and in the United States at San Jose state University where she also acquired her masters in Communications Studies in 2010. Minna became part of the PDEEP Team during the grants Second Year from 2013-2014. Minna was asked to travel with Project Director Mark Adams and fellow SJSU professor Dianne Hall as a contracted lecturer for our Second Annual Instructional Faculty Exchange where she gave workshops on the creation of non Science and Technology online courses and introduced the concept of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning to AIOU Faculty and Students on its main campus and its regional centers in Omerkot and D.G. Khan. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL): Connecting eLearners to the World Academic institutions need to provide their students with opportunities to learn and practice working in international online teams in order to prepare the students to successfully perform in today’s global marketplace. COIL that connects both faculty and students from foreign countries and different cultures around academic topics can provide such opportunities in new and innovative ways.This lecture examines the following topics: rationale for COIL, intercultural communication skills, skills to work/teach online, and some ideas for COIL, including invitation videos from SJSU faculty to AIOU faculty to explore opportunities for COIL

Professor Holopainen’s Lecture Review

3) Thursday, August 28th @ AIOU via Skype

bobbi makani

Dr. Bobbi Makani, SJSU Management and Business Professor

Bobbi’s work in SJSU are in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, community engaged learning, assessment of learning outcomes, and academic technology. She headed the assessment for the College of Business which resulted in the reaccreditation of all the undergraduate and graduate degree programs of the College. She designed and launched the first online Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge for SJSU – a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural program for developing innovation and entrepreneurship skills. This online community generated a global community membership of over 1200 members sharing their knowledge and innovative ideas. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Educational Computing, Design, and Online Learning graduate program at Kansas State University.


rosemary talab

Rosemary Talab, Kansas State University Educational Computing Design and Online Learning Professor

She is Professor and Coordinator of the Educational Computing, Design, and Online Learning graduate program at Kansas State University. This program has six Graduate Faculty Adjunct Associates and four program areas: a Kansas State University Graduate School Certificate in Online Course Design, a Ph.D. two Master’s degree specialties in Digital Teaching and Learning and Educational Computing, Design, and Online Learning. All programs are delivered online. Assessment of Distance Education During this lecture Professors Makani and Talab will seek define Assessment including labeling the intricacies of conducting assessment of e-Learning at AIOU. The presenters of this lecture felt that as the PDEEP grant moves forward into its third year the importance of assessment has become paramount both in terms of measuring grant progress but also in improving e-Learning procedures and outcomes at AIOU. This lecture will also cover the importance of asessement for students, the use of technology in assessment and the proper use of information determined through assessment which can lead to reallocation of resources.

Professor Makani’s Lecture Review

Professor Talab’s Lecture Review

4) Friday, August 29th 2014 @ AIOU via Skype

debbie faries

Debbie Faires, SJSU Director of Online Learning

Debbie Faires is the Director of Online Learning at San Jose State University’s School of Information. The School of Information is a completely-online graduate program which has been recognized for its quality and successful model. Debbie earned her MLIS at San José State University in 2001. Since that time, she has taught for the school as a lecturer on web development and has also worked in the areas of faculty development and web administration Most Important Elements of an Online Program This presentation will provide an overview of several considerations that have been identified as having significant impact on the quality of an online program. Elements related to institutional support, technology support, teaching and learning, and assessment will be discussed. Additional resources will be suggested for further study.

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