More exciting developments from the 2014 PDEEP Faculty Exchange


Professor Qasim writes on the planning board for the Strategy and Review Session with Project Director Mark Adams

September 29

Moving forward with our Faculty Exchange, our four visitors are back to working hard after a fun and restful weekend in Santa Cruz,CA on the beach. On Monday, September 29th the visitors began early with Professor Debbie Faires for the third part of the series of four lectures for her workshop on Building Quality Online Programs. After an exciting morning of lively discussion on Online Programs, we had our faculty meet with Project Director Mark Adams at the main PDEEP Office to reflect on the past week of workshops and wonderful events . In what we like to call the “Planning Strategy and Review Session” the Project Director Mark Adams asks the faculty visitors themselves what they are receiving from this current Faculty Exchange, what is working well and what could use improvement. Another important component of this session is to develop a realistic  implementation plan for changes that could positively effect distance education capacity at AIOU. These plans typically contain strategies and place key goals with individuals to ensure success and mobility through the appropriate channels at AIOU.


Professor Qasim (left) Dr. Nowshad (left) Professor Sarwat Maqbool (right) Munazza Ambreen(right)IMG_3015

Professor Sarwat Maqbool experiencing the Lunar Lander exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum.

AIOU Faculty at the Tech Museum Video from PDEEP – SJSU on Vimeo.

September 30

On September 30th AIOU Faculty began the day with the second of four sessions of “Innovation and Education” with Professor Rick Kepple. After a great discussion AIOU Faculty were then taken to the San Jose Tech Museum to witness some great technological Innovations for both entertainment and scientific study.  Pictured above you can see Professor Sarwat Maqbool being instructed on the operation of the Lunar Lander exhibit in which users are simulating landing a lunar exploration vehicle on the surface of the moon in space. For more information on this visit to the tech museum please subscribe to our blog .


For more information on our faculty exchange including pictures please check the Photos Link in the user bar above.

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