Important Meetings Between Important People: AIOU-SJSU Faculty Exchange Continued


October 1st

IMG_3041Dr. Nowshad Khan (left) President Qayoumi (middle) and Mark Adams(right) at the presentation of a symbol of solidarity to the President from AIOU.

Continuing with the rigorous pace of our PDEEP 2014 Faculty Exchange, our guests second week on campus continues to be an unforgettable and uplifting experience for both the PDEEP team and our faculty visitors. On Wednesday October 1st, we had a very busy day planned  our faculty visitors as they continued in the morning with the second and final session of Infusing the Curriculum with Sustainability with Environmental Communications professor Anne Marie Todd. Through Professor Todd’s tutilage our faculty exchange visitors are now able to walk away from her course with a greater understanding of the importance of environmental concerns and the various methods to address them through collaboration and communication. Moving on from their final workshop, our faculty visitors were then split into separate meetings with important individuals across campus dealing with their specific disciplines of teaching and expertise. In doing this, Professors Munazza Ambreen and Sarwat Maqbool were given tours of the SJSU Video and Audio Capture lab by campus Videographer Keith Sanders, IT Specialist Qasim Khan was sent to speak with Computer Science Professor Jon Pearce on the topic of Automatic Assessment and the creation of other learning programs and last but not least Dr. Nowshad, the Dean of the College of Science at AIOU was able to meet with both the Dean of Science at SJSU, Dr. Michael Parrish and last but not least the President of SJSU, Dr. Mohammad Qayoumi. Of all of the important meetings experienced by Dr. Nowshad on this eventful wednesday his meeting with President Qayoumi held a  certain significance and sincerity in discovering how both Dr. Nowshad and the president shared more than one common language in both English and Pashto.

A Meeting with the President of SJSU from PDEEP – SJSU on Vimeo.


October 2nd & 3rd

IMG_3056 Professors Sarwat Maqbool (left),Debbie Faires(left), Munazza Ambreen (middle) Qasim Khan (middle) Nowshad Khan (right) and University Partnerships and Programs Evaluation Coordinator Richard Boyum IMG_3029 Dr. Nowshad Khan(left), Dean of Science at AIOU  meeting with Dr. Michael Parrish, Dean of Science at SJSU IMG_3046 State Department Representatives Grachel & Richard eager to begin learning about the PDEEP 2014 Faculty exchange On October 2nd our faculty visitors started the day by attending the third 3-hour session of Innovation and Education Workshop held by Professor Rick Kepple in the morning. This workshop while very informative, shared quite a bit extra significance due to a scheduled visit from our support partners at the State Department in Washington D.C who came to visit us at SJSU. During that morning our AIOU faculty visitors had the chance to show their immense knowledge and display the skills they they have acquired from attending the workshops the  PDEEP has created for them to the primary administrators of the University Partnership program. That afternoon both the faculty from AIOU with PDEEP and AJKU with PALEEP were able to sit down and speak with the State Department and share their wonderful experiences with them and each other. On October 3rd Faculty Visitors resumed their busy schedule with Professor Debbie Faires for the final session  of the guide to “Building Quality Online Programs” workshop in which the State Department Visitors were able to sit in on and enjoy the session while gaining a first hand look and example of this workshop and the others prepared by the PDEEP team Please subscribe to our blog below and for more photos please check the Photos link in the user bar above.

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