Recent Developments in the PDEEP Faculty Exchange 2014

October 4th, 5th and 6th


AIOU Faculty Exchange Visitors Atif  (left) Qasim ( second left), Munazza (center), Sarwat (center) Nowshad (right) Serah (second right)


Project Director Mark Adams and Contract Administrator at AIOU Atif Solangi at Marks Home after Atifs arrival.

With an eventful weekend of fun filled events our faculty visitors continued to be thrust into the California experience by exploring San Francisco with SJSU Mathematics Professor Mohammad Saleem. While the faculty had a great time walking around the city, they were also shown a lot of the  popular locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Union Square. During the adventure in San Francisco with Professor Saleem, Project Director Mark Adams  drove to the San Frisco airport to pick up the final visitor selected for our faculty exchange, AIOU Contract Manager Atif Solangi. Welcoming him to the United States for the first time Mark extended his own hospitality by showing Atif his home in Aromas,CA. On Sunday Atif was able to meet up with his fellow visitors in San Jose at the Marriott and was able to catch up on some much needed rest. Monday marked the day of the Islamic holiday of Eid and thus all workshops were cancelled and a celebratory dinner was held in Santa Clara, CA at the Mehran restaurant.

October 7th


AIOU Faculty attending the final session of the  Innovation and Education workshop held by Professor Rick Kepple.IMG_3099

AIOU Faculty visiting the Google Campus in Mountain View,CA courtesy of Jyotsna Kaki ( center right) Accessibility Testing Engineer.IMG_3105

Professors Sarwat Maqbool and Munazza Ambreen at the Symantec Headquarters in Mountain View,CA.IMG_3110

The Symantec Campus Courtyard in Mountainview, CA.

On October 7th returning to work after a long weekend of many first experiences and holiday celebrations  our faculty exchange visitors continued ahead that morning  with the final session of “Innovation & Education” taught by professor Rick Kepple. After that mornings workshop  in continuing with the themes of innovation and education we decided to pay a visit to two of the Bay Areas finest Innovating Corporations in the field of technology, Google and Symantec. Both companies conveniently located in Mountain View,CA  extended to us the opportunity to tour their facilities and ask as many questions  about their experiences in the real world of business and technology. We began our visit to Google by meeting up with a former SJSU student Jyotsna Kaki, a current employee of Google as an Accessibility Testing Engineer who created her own job as a pioneer in the file of accessibility testing for disabled or impaired individuals. Upon entering Google AIOU Faculty were taught about its various initiatives, shown its colorful and imaginative campus and were offered free snacks and drinks thanks to the hospitality of Google. Jyotsna was also able to sit down with the AIOU faculty and told them about her experience as a student in college who had gone blind by the end of her sophomore year as a computer engineer all the way until she became the lead testing engineer in Googles Accessibility division. After leaving Google AIOU Faculty were then taken to Symantec  where they were shown many of its interesting and innovative facilities such as its Data-Centers, its Gym, and a handy area known as the PIT where all employees are given access to technology experts who are able to respond to whatever technology related inquiry a person could possibly have. All in all this was a great day for our faculty to experience  the area of California we are in often times referred to as the Silicon Valley where innovation and creativity come as naturally as breathing air.

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