Career Planning, Accessibility and Assessment: PDEEP Faculty Exchange 2014 Continued

October 8th & 9th


AIOU Faculty and former Director of International Programs and Services Helen Stevens at the Career Fair held in the SJSU Career Center.IMG_3118

Professor Munazza Ambreen takes notices of a career track in fashion that looks appealing and interesting.


AIOU Faculty gravitated toward a booth at the Career Fair known as StartUP – PairUp that looks to bring more women in the silicon valley workforce and jobs in the technology field.

IMG_3133AIOU Faculty at the Center of Accessibile Technology with Ryan Brady ( second from right)


A Slide from Professor Minna Holopainen’s Course on COIL ( Cooperative Online International Learning)

On October 8th AIOU Faculty were given the morning off as an opportunity to rest after the intense outing to Google and Symantec the previous day which left them very exhausted, but filled to the brim with knowledge with concepts that were new to many of them.  To begin the day AIOU Faculty were asked to meet with PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams that afternoon for a short tour of the SJSU Career Center. The SJSU Career center on campus is an essential part of the SJSU  Campus community and is a facility developed specifically to help current students find jobs and careers within their selected major fields or that suit their personalities and interests the best. During their visit to the SJSU Career Center, AIOU faculty and Project Director Mark Adams were surprised to b find that a Career Fair was currently being held at the location and they were able to gain a lot of valuable information about the services both the career centers offers and what actual employers in the field are looking for in prospective employees. After exploring the Career Fair AIOU Faculty were given the opportunity to tour the SJSU Center for Accessible technology  with Alternative Media Coordinator Ryan Brady.  While on the tour AIOU Faculty were able to learn about all many of the new technologies being developed by corporation to lessen the complications for people with disabilities vision, hearing and speaking.  On October 9th AIOU Faculty attended a strategy and planning session with Project Director Mark Adams in the morning and in the afternoon began with the first of four sessions for COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning)  with SJSU Communicaitons Studies Professor Minna Holopainen. Professor Holopainen’s course titled COIL teaches the AIOU Faculty about a program created by the State University of New York to enhance the educational experience of students around the globe by providing guidelines on how international cooperation between schools can be beneficial  in increasing educational outcomes for all institutions involved..

October 10th

IMG_3143Professor Bobbi Makani delivering the second session of  her workshop on Assessment to AIOU Faculty


Dr. Nowshad and AIOU Faculty present an award to Professor Makani for her teaching and involvement with AIOU in the creation of an Assessment plan.

IMG_3157Professor Bobbi Makani showing the AIOU Faculty how the next generation classroom equipment works .

On friday October 10th AIOU Faculty continuing with the rigorous pace of our planned workshops began in the morning with Professor Bobbi Makani for her second and final session of her workshop on Assessment. AIOU Faculty particularly enjoyed their session with Professor Makani as well as the work that she has done with AIOU for the past several months and saw fit to award her with a small gift recognizing her hard work. Professor Makani was also able to provide AIOU faculty with a tour of the next generation classrooms in Clark Hall currently being developed by SJSU Information Technology which includes web conferencing cameras that would be able to record entire classrooms filled with students. For the remainder of the day AIOU Faculty were able rest up for the weekend and the second part of their trip to San Francisco on Saturday.

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