The Importance of Education and Malala Yousufzai

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On Friday October 10th, 2014  the Nobel Laureate community accepted into its proud number Malala Yousufzai, a 17 year old girl from Pakistan’s  Northern Swat Valley region. Most commonly known as the female student who was attacked on a school bus by masked gunman affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban. Malala has become a shining example of dedication, strength and perseverance to the world  for her efforts in trying put  an end to gender inequality in Education.  In doing our part to show support for this wonderful occurrence, we at the PDEEP Project would like to take a moment to recognize her efforts for the International Community and extend our gratitude to her and those like minded individuals who see Education a positive force for good and advocate its accessibility for all . While some may believe that her efforts to put an end to educational inequities apply only to her native home of Pakistan, in the past year she has become the face of putting an end to educational injustice in many countries including Syria, Jordan and Kenya. Malala who is a 17-year-old girl has become 1 of 16 women to ever win the Noble Peace Prize, 1 of 2 Pakistani citizens and the worlds youngest Nobel prize winner in its entire 128 years of existence

Video: Malala makes History as Worlds Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Source:ABC News


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