The Teacher-Student Connection: PDEEP Faculty Exchange 2014 Continued

October 13th IMG_3169 AIOU Faculty visiting Professor Rick Kepple’s Introductory Business course where he employs the “flipped classroom” method of teaching. IMG_3181 AIOU Faculty visiting Professor Holopainen’s Communications course on Intercultural Communication  IMG_3185 Professor Minna Holopainen receives an award from AIOU acknowledging her efforts through PDEEP during a week long E-Learning Seminar held in August at AIOU. After a great weekend of travel to California’s capital city of Sacramento, a stop at the Krispy Kreme donut factory and a tour of the UC Berkley Campus, it was a thought that perhaps the PDEEP team was overloading its visitors with activities and tiring them out. However much to our own shock our faculty visitors from Islamabad were still excited and ready to move forward on Monday morning with Project Director Mark Adams.  At 9am AIOU Faculty met with SJSU Business Professor Rick Kepple to accompany him to his morning Introductory Business class a program that was sure to yield a number of important goals and outcomes for this years visitors on our Faculty Exchange . Of these goals and outcomes two became apparent quickly, first to gain an understanding of how the typical American SJSU Classroom operates and contrast it with their own. Secondly to provide an opportunity for our guests to share their own experiences with the attending SJSU Students. During Professor Kepple’s class AIOU faculty were able to become participants in class activities, interact with students and share information about themselves and their lives in Pakistan. Another great outcome of this visit was the chance that was provided to AIOU faculty to observe the ” increased face-time classroom” method of teaching employed by Professor Kepple. Utilizing the “increased face-time method of teaching” a teacher effectively divides his or her classroom into a a number of equally populated teams and each student is given a separate role with specified responsibilities which requires teamwork and communication to maintain efficiency, creates an environment much like that in a business corporation where multiple individuals must work together and depend on one another for livelihood.  In this similar vein of understanding, and also stressing the importance of Communication  AIOU Faculty were then invited to attend SJSU Communications Professor Minna Holopainen’s  Introductory course on Intercultural Communication. during this course AIOU Faculty were able to observe the whole classroom of students learning about issues that most students  have never had to deal with before but that our visitors have already been well aware of from both their own life experiences and Professor Holopainen’s workshop on COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning) during the faculty exchange. After the conclusion of her course lecture for the day AIOU faculty then presented Professor Holopainen with an award acknowledging her contributions to AIOU’s week long “E-Learning” seminar for its PhD in Education Program during the month of August 2014. For more information about PDEEP and our current faculty exchange please subscribe to our blog below and for more pictures please see the link in the user bar above.

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