Open Source, Faculty Development and Innovation Technology: PDEEP Faculty Exchange Continued

October 14th


SJSU Library and Information Sciences Professor Christina Mune delivers the first session for her workshop on Open and Affordable Educational ResourcesIMG_3200

AIOU Faculty meeting with Amy Strage Director of the Center for Faculty Development at SJSUIMG_3199

AIOU Faculty having an intense discussion about Faculty Development with Director Amy Strage.

On tuesday October 14th AIOU faculty began early in the morning at the Dr. Martin Luther King Library with SJSU Library and Information Science Professor Christina Mune. As a member of the esteemed SJSU department of Library and Information Science Professor Mune was the first choice for us at the PDEEP Project to teach a course on Open Source and Affordable Educational Resources. In this course AIOU Faculty will be given necessary information to discover and use open source programs and educational materials that have been shown to produce positive learning outcomes in both students and teachers. During this first session of two, AIOU Faculty were given a tour of the MLK Library facilities and were shown the online databases licensed by SJSU department of library and information sciences that are available to students and faculty. After finishing up with Professor Mune AIOU faculty enjoyed a nice lunch and met with Dr. Amy Strage the Director of SJSU’s Center for Faculty Development to learn about the interesting services offered there for SJSU faculty. While meeting with Dr. Strage AIOU faculty learned about the core values of  the SJSU Center for Faculty Development and  by in large also received a greater sense of the type of faculty that SJSU wishes to develop. Per their meeting with Dr. Strage it was made clear to AIOU faculty that  the type of faculty the CDF wishes to  develop see education as the primary goal of teaching and make use of creativity in conjunction with new technological advance designed for both teachers and students.

October 15th


Project Director Mark Adams delivers his presentation about the PDEEP Project at the SJSU Innovation Technology ExpositionIMG_3205

AIOU Faculty learning about the various types of software available through SJSU Academic Technology division.

On October 15th AIOU faculty started  in the morning at the CIES main office for a Planning and Strategy workshop session with Project Director Mark Adams. Throughout the 2014 PDEEP Faculty Exchange one of our main goals as hosts has been to allow enough time for our visitors to absorb and make use all the important information they are receiving. The Planning and Strategy sessions with the Project Director have been essential in providing this time for AIOU faculty. Moving forward another important goal is also to find practical ways of applying the knowledge AIOU faculty have gained to their own unique situations as a school with AIOU. After this Session AIOU faculty were then invited to attend an Innovation & Education Exposition  featuring informational booths and speakers from each of the technology divisions on campus but mainly focusing on Academic Technology and Information Technology . Project Director Mark Adams as a member of SJSU’s Academic Technology division himself was also invited to deliver a speech introducing the PDEEP Project, its innovative uses for technology  and our faculty visitors. Dr. Munazza Ambreen Professor of Education at AIOU was also able to provide an introduction to SJSU about her home University as well as its current uses of technology.

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