COIL Connections with SJSU: 2014 PDEEP Faculty Exchange Continued

October 16thIMG_3261

AIOU Faculty and SJSU’s COIL Professors experiencing first hand SJSU next generation classroom with Professor Minna Holopainen and Collaboration and Academic Technology Integration Sr. Director Bobbi Makani.


AIOU Faculty  meeting with the SJSU COIL Professor for the first time non digitally.

On Thursday, October 16th AIOU faculty finished up the Open Source and Affordable Learning Solutions workshop lead by SJSU Library and Information Sciences Professor, Christina Mune. After this final session with Professor Mune, AIOU faculty became experts in Open Educational Resource management and selection, fully equipped to deal with any possible inquiry a student or faculty could have in regards to online databases. After a quick lunch, AIOU faculty were invited to meet with Professor Minna Holopainen for her very special second workshop on COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning). Although AIOU faculty had only attended one workshop previously with Professor Holopainen in person, Professor Holopainen through the PDEEP Project has been working on COIL’s implementation at SJSU and digitally with AIOU for the past several months. For this session AIOU faculty were surprised to see that the SJSU Professors contracted by Professor Holopainen had assembled themselves in the Next-Gen classroom in Clark Hall. This session provided the first point of contact between our visiting AIOU faculty and the SJSU faculty who have already expressed interest in hosting a COIL course in conjunction with AIOU for the upcoming semester in Spring. Some of the topics considered as good joint projects for students from Pakistan and the U.S.  include Water/Drought, Gender Studies, and much more.

For more information on the PDEEP faculty exchange please subscribe to our blog, and for more photos please check the user bar above.

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