Cultural Explorations, Social Awareness and Internships: PDEEP Faculty Exchange Continued

Oct 17th  – 19th

Dr. Vanniarajan addressing the american cultural values and how they apply in the Silicon Valley
On Friday October 17th our AIOU faculty visitors attended a short lecture with fellow visitors from Pakistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir University (AJKU) given by Dr. Swathi M. Vanniarajan, the Professor & Chair of the Department of Linguistics and Language Development at SJSU. His presentation was on American Values and Workplace Practices. In the presentation, Dr. Vanniarajan covered information on Silicon Valley and its origin, research in American Universities, American cultural values, the profile of an American worker, American norms in interpersonal relations, and workplace ethics. 
Oct 20th
AIOU Faculty presenting SJSU Counselor Education Professor Amna Jaffer with an AIOU shield for her efforts during this years Faculty Exchange.IMG_3277
AIOU Faculty meeting with Donna Gilmour Lead Academic Liason for the SJSU Career Center.
On October 20th as part of our continuing efforts to immerse our guests in the American culture, AIOU faculty were invited to attend a class held by SJSU Communications Professor Amna Jaffer. Amna’s lecture entitled “Barriers and Opportunities – Awareness of Social Justice Issues” explored the challenges to individuals in combating social injustice. After spending an eventful morning with Professor Jaffer AIOU faculty then accompanied  PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams to the SJSU Career Center for an informative meeting with Donna Gilmour the Lead Academic Liaison. While meeting with Donna AIOU Faculty and specifically Atif Solangi were able to gain an understand about how internships can lead to exponential benefits for students . This meeting was very important to both the Project Director and Atif as the PDEEP grant moves into its third year and initiates its own student internship-stipend program.

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