Focus on Increasing Access, Success, and Jobs!

OCT 21
AIOU Faculty with Professor Elizabeth Tu during the Universal Design for Learning workshop.IMG_3295AIOU faculty  andProfessor Julio Garcia meeting about his course on Network Theory
 The PDEEP Project through its faculty exchanges seeks to offer the most appropriate topics and training in support of building distance education capacity at AIOU. In relation to this major goal it has also been one of our objectives to provide key examples of technology that broaden the range of access typically allowed to people with disabilities.  On the morning of October 21st AIOU faculty attended a workshop entitled “Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility” with SJSU Instructional Design Expert, Elizabeth Tu. In what was an amazing 3 hour session Professor Tu demonstrated for AIOU faculty the various initiatives currently taking place around SJSU’s campus regards to accessibility and the techniques that make accessibility so much easier.  Next, AIOU faculty were invited to speak with Professor Julio Garcia on his innovative “Network Theory” course with it’s mixed mode of delivery approach that allows students the flexibility to choose their optimal mode of learning–partially in the class room, partially online, or any combination of the two.
AIOU Faculty Meeting with Debra Caires from SJSU Computer Science Department
OCT 22

On October 22nd AIOU faculty met with Professor Debra Caires, Director of the Student Internship program and lecturer in SJSU’s Department of Computer Science. An inspirational force of nature, Professor Caires shared the brilliant strategies she employs as Director of Internships at the College of Science.  These methods and new way of thinking about the potential of internships will without a doubt prepare AIOU students for successful careers in high tech.

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