AIOU Opens e-learning Centre for Visually Impaired


Congratulations Allama Iqbal Open University!

In Islamabad Pakistan, at Allama Iqbal Open University[AIOU], an e-learning accessibility centre for visually-impaired has been opened for students inside the university as well as those who do not attend AIOU. Below is a link to the article with full details about this wonderful event and the opportunities it has for students with disabilities.

“Accessibility is always my question to AIOU and other organizations wherever I am going. Thanks to AIOU that they answered my question and that was answered in all manners. I am proud to be AIOU student that I am studying at accessible oriented university. I can move in each and every department and office of the university as there are ramps every where and elevator helped me to access each floor of academic complex. The central library services which were not accessible for us now in our access we can access all the academic  resources available for others. I was worried about my research work  due to accessibility but now I can access and do my M.Phil in a better way. Thanks AIOU”.
(Ms. Shagufta Khanum, AIOU)


“I am employee as telephone operator in AIOU from October 2007. I completed my B.Ed and MA Special Education from AIOU. I remember my requests to AIOU for such services and support and this is happened in Accessibility Center. this center is well equipped center with a very conducive academic environment. The library and department of special education staff is very cooperative with us and helping us in all matters. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor personal interest in establishing this center is really appreciable. My office is just adjacent to this center so many times I heard Vice Chancellor and Dr. Zahid Majeed voices and discussion on progress of the center. I hope this center will be open not for AIOU studnets but for the special need community at large. Thanks AIOU ”
( Mr. Shafqat Ali, AIOU)


“I am students of M.Phil Special Education and did MA from the same university. I am glad to be in Accessibility Center which is first initiative in any public sector university of Pakistan. The center is well equipped with assistive technology and software needed for our studies and especially for research work. Now we can access online material for our thesis and assignments. I hope the center will be upgraded with all related services and equipment. Thanks to Vice Chancellor, Department of Special Education and Central Library”.
(Mr. Zakir Hussain, AIOU)


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