SJSU Faculty Return From Pakistan after Participating in the Final Faculty Exchange of the Three Year PDEEP Grant



On January 7, 2016  four San Jose State University [SJSU] faculty members left for Pakistan on a ten day trip filled with lots of learning and excitement. Pictured above is Professor Jason Laker, Lecturer Minna Holopainen, Professor Mohammad Saleem, and Pakistan Distance Education Enhancement Program [PDEEP] Project Director Mark Adams at the airport.

As this three year US State Department funded grant nears its’ end,  this was the final faculty exchange. The photos below give a small glimpse into the what their ten day trip included.



Professor Mohammad Saleem, PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, Professor Jason Laker, and Lecturer Minna Holopainen stand together in front of the  new Accessibility Center in Pakistan and were gifted with beautiful flowers.



Dr. Daud (Allama Iqbal Open University), PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, SJSU Professor Stand in shopping mall in Pakistan.



Dinner with Dr. Sangi and his wife and son. This was their final dinner before leaving for the United States.


Vice Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) , Dr. Siddiqui is pictured here with Professor Jason Laker (SJSU), Lecturer Minna Holopainen (SJSU), Dr. Afshan Huma (AIOU) and Dr. Nasir  Mahomood (AIOU).



PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, AIOU Vice Chancellor Dr. Siddiqui, and SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen met to review the progress of the grant and lay out next steps to make the gains sustainable.


The regional directors who accompanied their students, who were so kind to travel 30 hours — by bus–from Umerkot, and 11 hours from D.G. Khan. In spite of being tired they had great energy and enthusiasm and the strong will to give their students a chance at a better life, no matter the challenges.


Pictured here are the student interns once more. Their hard work and dedication is very appreciated.


Inside the new AIOU Accessibility Centre. Once again Congratulations AIOU !



Pictured above is Dr. Mohammad Saleem (SJSU) having dinner in Pakistan.


PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams and SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen pictured in lobby of hotel in Islamabad.


PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams and girls on field trip to Pakistan Monument and Museum.


PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams in Lok Versa, Pakistan.

visittoFaisal Mosque_Trip3.jpg

PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, Dr. Daud Khattak (AIOU ), Lecturer Minna Holopainen (SJSU), and Professor Jason Laker (AIOU) pictured in front of the Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.


PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, PDEEP Contract Manager Atif Farooq (AIOU), Professor Jason Laker (SJSU), Lecturer Minna Holopainen (SJSU) and U.S. State Department’s Richard Boyum are pictured in front of a three story bookstore.


PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, SJSU Professor Jason Laker, and SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen are pictured at Fatima Jinnah Women University, where presentations were delivered on COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) and Gender Studies issues.


AIOU Professor Moiz, SJSU Professor Mohammad Saleem, PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams, AIOU’s Ms. Shabnam, and SJSU Professor Jason Laker are pictured here at AIOU.


SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen helped hand out certificates to e-Tutor trainees along with AIOU’s Professor Daud. There were 50 e-tutors trained at this session; and Professor Daud and Professor Zahid had just come from training another 200 at four AIOU Regional Centers.


SJSU Professor Jason Laker helped hand out certificates as well.


Ten computer science student interns in telecommuting presented their progress on five projects.  One male and one female student were selected from each regional center, in Umerkot, D.G. Khan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Then they were presented with Certificates and $100 stipend pledges upon completion of this first internship project. Then the chair of CS Dr. Sangi and the Vice Chancellor of AIOU Dr. Siddiqui each spoke. This followed with tea and conversation  with the students. It was very inspiring to see the students–the start of promising careers! The next phase will have SJSU Professor Debra Caires guide them through agile software methods on another round of training them for telecommuting. This is a very risky, but very innovative project that if successful will be a potential “game changer” for poor students in remote areas.


Pictured above is SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen with State Department Representative Neal Murata. The SJSU faculty members met with State Department Representatives to share their ideas, accomplishments, challenges, and suggestions for future projects. It was also an opportunity to thank the State Department for funding the 3.5 year effort of PDEEP.



Pictured here is SJSU Professor Mohammad Saleem, Dr. Daud Khattak (AIOU), and PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams prior to a meeting of the AIOU and SJSU teams who reported on their work.


Pictured above are SJSU Professor Jason Laker, SJSU Lecturer Minna Holopainen, and PDEEP Project Director Mark Adams in the lobby of their hotel in Islamabad.


Congratulations AIOU : E-Tutor Training Conducted at Regional Campus in Peshawar, Pakistan


Congratulations to both Allama Iqbal Open Univeristy [AIOU] and San Jose State University [S.J.S.U] for collaborating and creating a great online tutor program for students all over the provinces. This program is self-paced and a multimedia e-tutor guide that was developed by diligent Professors from both universities. Dr. Mohammad Saleem [S.J.S.U], Dr. Daud Khattak [ AIOU] , and Zahid Majeed [AIOU] worked to help students gain new skills and techniques to encompass the versatility and benefits of an e-campus.