SJSU- Dean of the College of International and Extended Studies

for_blog_ruth_pic_sjsuDr. Ruth Huard is the Dean of the College of International and Extended Studies, overseeing the five departments within the college: Extended Education (credit and non-credit programs), International Student and Scholar Services, International Gateways, International Recruitment and Partnerships, and the Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies. As Dean, she manages the administrative units of the college and is responsible for supporting over 11,000 students that participate in the extended education programs annually, as well as 3000 international students.

With over 15 years of academic and professional experience in the areas of learning sciences and technology design, Dr. Huard has facilitated the growth of online teaching and learning opportunities for the SJSU community through academic entrepreneurship and accessible technologies. She has also managed the development and implementation of extended education programs for SJSU students and the broader community, including launching the high-demand (bottleneck) courses program as a means of increasing student access to critical courses.

Dr. Huard has held a variety of academic leadership positions at SJSU and at University of Hawaii, Manoa. She was an SJSU Salzburg Fellow in 2013. As a former faculty member at the University of Hawaii, she enjoyed teaching courses in emerging technologies, research methods, and applied organizational communication. She has six years of successful industry experience, applying her entrepreneurial skills at Silicon Valley start up companies. She received her Ph.D. from Stanford University where she conducted research in human-computer interaction and learning systems in the School of Education and in the Computer Science Department–Knowledge Systems AI Lab. While Dr. Huard is excited by emerging technologies, her interest and focus continue to be on the people that engage with the technology.