Sending our Love to our Friends on the anniversary of Peshawar Massacre

On behalf of everyone here at San Jose State University, I want to express our deepest condolences on the one year anniversary of the Peshawar Massacre, Dec.16th, 2014. May we remember each life lost, each with a special story. Our contribution is through the lens of education–and is dedicated to creating a world of peace and safety for children everywhere. We are sending all our wonderful Pakistani friends our love on this difficult day of remembrance. We stand with you. We cry with you. Your children are our children. –mark

Here is a link to 144 stories


AIOU Vice Chancellor Visits SJSU–Great Vision Shared!




In a packed visit to SJSU, Dr. Siddiqui will share his vision for the AIOU-SJSU partnership with the PDEEP faculty and staff contributors, meet with President Qayoumi, tour the Accessible Education Center, discuss strategies with experts from the Student Internship program, Service Learning, Collaborative Online International Learning, and much more. Our theme of the visit: Innovation! And of course this would not be complete without a visit to Google…which we will do!

Our goal for last 6 months of PDEEP: Show Results!


During the last AIOU faculty exchange to SJSU, on the whiteboard a new 2015 Innovation Plan was created.

    I know that it is sometimes at the end of a project that great things, unexpected things, can happen. In that spirit, the next six months could be quite productive for the ambitious PDEEP grant, which ends officially on Aug. 30, 2015. Our 3-year grant has been very successful in building good relationships with AIOU, a  mega-university with 1.3 million students throughout Pakistan. With the culmination of the PDEEP project approaching it seems likely we have planted many more seeds that will sprout someday in hopes of fostering new initiatives to further enhance educational systems at AIOU . My goal is that “someday” is within the next 6 months!
   Below is a list of the PDEEP projects underway in collaboration with professors at SJSU and AIOU in Pakistan:
  • Online Tutor Training  Involves researching the most successful online tutor training programs, then creating and implementing training in this crucial skill. SJSU Consultant Dr. Mohammad Saleem, Professor of Mathematics
  • Online M.Phil in Secondary Teacher Education  The first online program to launch at AIOU will train K-12 educators in every province in new pedagogy and internet tools. SJSU Consultant Prof. Debbie Faires, School of Information
  • Innovation Assessment  State of the art assessment strategies applied to the innovations introduced by the PDEEP grant, this project is designed to give decision makers and learners reliable insight into what’s working. SJSU Consultant Prof. Bobbi Makani, Instructional Technology Services
  • Student Internships in Computer Science Telecommuting  Another “first of it’s kind” in Pakistan, designed to prepare CS students (men and women) for telecommuting jobs by providing short internships in remote regional centers. SJSU Consultant Mark Adams, PDEEP Director 
  • Learning Management System–Student Information System Integration (LMS-SIS) The automated creation of users and courses in Moodle to prepare for the goal of every AIOU class having a course website. SFSU Consultant Andrew Roderick, External Projects Manager
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)  Multicultural and technology training to facilitate student to student collaboration on projects like water/drought mitigation, cultural awareness, and interpersonal skill development. SJSU Consultant Prof. Minna Holopainen
  • Auto-Assessment of Java Programming  Using a program written by SJSU Prof. Cay Horstmann, this project allows students in remote regions to obtain feedback on programming assignments.  SJSU Consultant Dr. Jon Pearce
  • Faculty Training and Development    Schedule of 6 contact-hour faculty training modules developed specifically for the PDEEP grant by SJSU experts in Open Educational Resources (Dr. Christina Mune), Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility (CFD’s Accessibility Expert Elizabeth Tu),  Innovation in Education (Prof. Rick Kepple), Infusing Sustainability in the Curriculum (Dr. Anne Marie Todd), Building Flipped Courses (Dr. David Parent), and more.

    Stay tuned for more briefings on our progress.  By Mark Adams, Project Director, PDEEP