Joint Presentation by AIOU and SJSU Professors at 2013 Asian Association of Open Universities Conference [AAOU]

By Shreya Chandrasekhar, PDEEP Student Assistant

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, SJSU Professor Ashraf Shirani and AIOU Professor Naveed Sultana presented their research “Preparing IT Graduates in Pakistan for Globally Distributed Work” at the 2013 Asian Association of Open Universities Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan. The paper was co-written by SJSU Professor Malu Roldan, AIOU Professor Moiz Ahmed, and AIOU Professor Mohammad Daud. In addition to an international audience of educators and academics, the US Dept. of State representatives Judith Ravin, Acting Country Cultural Affairs Attaché, and Tanveer Hassan, Public Affairs Section, US Embassy attended.

An excerpt summary of a few of the quotes from their session:

We believe that the benefits of education are not fully realized until students … are able to work. Academic preparation and work are two sides of the same coin. The overall objective of our work is enabling IT graduates to remotely participate in work within Pakistan and globally. Young adults can be a resource, if properly prepared, for national and social development, but cultural skills, communication and collaboration skills, and soft skills are all necessary.”

Professor Naveed Sultana, AIOU

Professor Naveed Sultana, AIOU

Professor Ashraf Shirani, SJSU

Professor Ashraf Shirani, SJSU


Embassy of Pakistan in Washington D.C. organized a round table discussion on the virtual education collaboration between Pakistan and the U.S.

US-EmbassyThe embassy of Pakistan in Washington D.C. organized  a roundtable discussion on the“distance learning and virtual education collaboration between Pakistan and the US”.
This discussion was held this past February 15, 2013 and was attended by ambassador to the U.S. Sherry Rehman and representatives of the U.S. State Department, USAID (United States Agency for International Development), think tank community, and members of the Pakistani Diaspora.

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1 Mission to A Million

1-MillionIn a recent interview, AIOU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi, said AIOU is establishing an open-schooling system to educate ONE MILLION children. This program is designed to educate children, especially girls, that have decided to end their dreams of an education due to various issues, financial, environmental, or personal. Continue reading

Possible New Regional Campus for AIOU

Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmad Sangi, Vice Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad (AIOU), recently went on a five day trip to Chitral, in the hopes of establishing a regional campus at that location. Professor Sangi met with the district coordination officer in Chitral to see if they could provide them with a piece of land to construct the new campus. Continue reading

Distance Education

Are you wondering what exactly is “Distance Education?” Maybe you think it is a math class just focused on the subject of “Distance.” Could this really exist? A class that would completely built around educating an individual on the distance between two points or locations. If that was the case then, Continue reading