Hoshyar Foundation: A step forward for female Education

By Schehrbano Khan, PDEEP Student Assistant

The purpose of the Hoshyar Foundation is to increase the access to education for girls in Pakistan and several other under-developed and under-served parts of South Asia.They believe that through educating girls, the community significantly improves and society gains healthier families, educated children, other socio-economic benefits.

The Hoshyar Foundation works through local partners. They subsidize salaries of teachers, transportation costs, keep at-risk schools open, provide funds to rent temporary facilities, and support literacy and job training programs. These resources not only help educate the future of Pakistan, but also help them realize their vision and strive to achieve their full potential.

Read more about this organization by viewing their website here.


SJSU Chairman of Computer Science, Professor Pearce visits AIOU

By Huong Cheng, PDEEP Student Assistant

Faculty and Jon discussionJon in media room with facultyJon on screenJon talking in front of faculty

Professor Pearce visits AIOU, click here to see a set on Flickr.

From May 27 – June 2, SJSU Professor Pearce visited Islamabad to meet with AIOU faculty and staff. Check out the pictures and see what he was up to.

Featured Article: More Science, AIOU’s bold initiative to build science labs in Pakistan.

AIOU WEBMore great news from our partners in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) who plan on setting up science laboratories in regional campuses across Pakistan. This bold initiative named “Science for the Society” has been undertaken as an effort to promote the sciences in Pakistan’s youth. AIOU already has the most state-of-the-art science laboratory in its main campus and now is poised to set up 100,000 open schools to educate  male and female students who could not continue their studies. Continue reading

1 Mission to A Million

1-MillionIn a recent interview, AIOU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi, said AIOU is establishing an open-schooling system to educate ONE MILLION children. This program is designed to educate children, especially girls, that have decided to end their dreams of an education due to various issues, financial, environmental, or personal. Continue reading

U.S. Commitment to Education in Pakistan

The United States is very committed to ensuring that education in Pakistan becomes as abundant and accessible as the air we all breath. There are not many things that are more important in life, than an education. We should all also understand that a more educated individual makes more educated decisions in life. Continue reading

Possible New Regional Campus for AIOU

Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmad Sangi, Vice Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad (AIOU), recently went on a five day trip to Chitral, in the hopes of establishing a regional campus at that location. Professor Sangi met with the district coordination officer in Chitral to see if they could provide them with a piece of land to construct the new campus. Continue reading